Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Amazons and Supermen...Alfonso Brescia Mousepad Series 1 Arrives!

Yep, if there is one thing I've made that describes exactly how much of a European Trash CineGeek I am it would be this.  A mousepad. For Amazons and Supermen! SUPERSTOOGES on my desk.
This is a great day to be a trash fan, and I've even watched TWO Brescia films this week.  This just tops it all off.

Enjoy my nerd-dom...or laugh at me. Either way, I'VE GOT AN AL BRADLEY MOUSEPAD!!!

And the design... Lobby Cards, Poster and a bit of the German DVD jacket...


cozzi said...

That mousepad is a god amongst mousepads.

Recently dipped my toes in the eurotrash-water again and damn i've missed it.

Love the blog, still humming along to "Bella Di Plastica".

CiNEZiLLA said...

LOL that's friggin hillarious David!