Friday, September 25, 2009

Jess Franco...One Shot(s) still Reverberating!

While archiving my Japanese VHS sleeves I came across these cool booklets for the Vella Vision DVD releases of the One Shot Productions films by Jess Franco. I also realized that I never got back to updating the article on these films I'd written back in 2003 called THE REVERB OF ONE SHOT...which is something I really do need to look at. You can read the internet wayback machine presentation of the original article (which looks forward to seeing Vampire Junction and Incubus!) by clicking THIS LINK.

Enjoy, you don't often see stills from these movies-and I still really enjoy revisiting these movies, most especially Lady Frankenstein, Mari Cookie and The Killer Tarantula and Dr. Wong. What is curious about the Spanish releases is that they contain specially created Spanish language dubs, which is a HUGE help since most had sound issues on the live recorded English tracks. I wish I had grabbed them all, I'm still missing Tender Flesh, Killer Barbys and Vampire Blues. Click for big scans, printable for your pleasure.

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dfordoom said...

I haven't seen any of these movies! It's strangely depressing and at the same time reassuring to realise that there are still so many Jess Franco movies I haven't seen. I've only just started to explore his output from the 1980s, which I've found to be a very pleasant surprise so far.