Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jess Franco DVD Sleeves

While sorting my DVD collection for items to sell (and there are many oddballs in there) I had fun sifting through my covers and looking at all the cool art work that has graced the little discs. My Franco DVD collection is fairly large, and I thought some of these would be fun to share just in case you don't have them or wanted some good sized scans for whatever purpose you may want them for. The Spanish discs with Jess in comic book form are great fun, and those German "Blood Edition" ones are some of my favorites of all time. Click the image for full sized scans and please enjoy...there are more to come!


Douglas A. Waltz said...

I love these covers. I really liked the one in the previous post for A Virgin Among The Living Dead. Fabulous stuff! Any idea where I can get a copy of that version of the flick. I consider myself kind of a completist for that film and would liek to see what I have been missing.
Thanks Dave!

Anonymous said...

oh please, PLEASE!!! can you make this picture of jess holding a yellow toygun as an extra picture ???

(backside copacabanas cover)

Keith said...

These covers are awesome. I really like them all.