Friday, August 07, 2009

Japanese VHS Covers Archive #5

The archive returns after my vacation. Python is a decent action film and we have some good stuff below. Above The War is reviewed in Tough To Kill and while not exactly top notch it is very obscure.

Sakura Killers is wacky kung fu and worth checking out for any Chuck Connors fan!

One of my favorite scores, this is a widescreen print of the Fabrizio DeAngelis / Larry Ludman action flick Man Hunt. Ethan Wayne is great in this very Spaghetti Western like film. It actually gets a mention in the Tom Weisser book from McFarland, though it is not a legit Western film, it plays exactly like one.

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Rob Talbot said...

Fucking hell! I'd forgotten about Sakura Killers!