Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New X-Box Live online

Well, I got Left 4 Dead today, so I'll be farting around with the NXE (oooohh, cool) at some point. But, here is my avatar.
I have a Wii and while the idea is similar, Microsoft demolishes the crappy interface and made something really interesting. A bit cluttered until I get used to it, but I used to flip about 1 blade in total before.

More after I share the Zombie Apocalypse with a bunch of my friends tonight!!

Also of interest, I've signed up for Netflix in order to use the streaming feature of the service. THIS is the V.O.D. experience that had the VHS renters scared many moons ago. It certainly seems limited, but still worth investigating and anyone that wants to see what the next way to get your entertainment plopped on to your set will be curious to try this I bet.

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