Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Eurohorror Icon Catriona MacColl at Chiller!

Very exciting, who is going? Hard not to love this lady...and this is a great chance to get your posters autographed! The lovely Ms. MacColl starred in my favorite Fulci horror film, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY-So here is a trailer to remind you of just how great that is!

Grindhouse Releasing & Paura Productions Join Forces to Promote Re-Release of THE BEYOND

Schedule first-ever East Coast appearance by Lucio Fulci leading lady Catriona MacColl at the Chiller Theatre Expo, October 24-26, in Parsippany, NJ

With the impending October 28th DVD re-release of Lucio Fulci’s 1981 masterwork THE BEYOND, Grindhouse Releasing and Paura Productions decided what better way to promote this landmark in EuroHorror cinema than invite the film’s heroine – the stunning Catriona MacColl – to meet the hordes of rabid Fulci fanatics at one of the largest cult conventions in America. The Chiller Theatre Expo in Parsippany, New Jersey ( will host the British rose October 24-26, the weekend prior to the DVD’s street date (a limited number of advance copies will be available at MacColl’s table). Kevin Clement, the show’s Producer, states, “I’m delighted that the lovely Catriona will be making her first East Coast convention appearance at Chiller this October! Our film savvy fans will surely enjoy this rare appearance and will eat her up like a Fulci zombie!”

Since director Fulci’s passing in 1996, MacColl has made a handful of festival appearances overseas, and Chiller will be but her second ever in the States. “Catriona likes to keep a low profile,” reveals MacColl’s manager and Paura Productions founder Mike Baronas ( “She’s one of the sweetest people you’re likely to ever meet and I’m glad she has embraced the continuing popularity that these films she made with Lucio have to this day.”

Along with THE BEYOND, MacColl also starred in the Fulci’s visionary, gore-soaked classics CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (1980) and THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (1981). She also took part in the Paura Productions debut release PAURA: LUCIO FULCI REMEMBERED ~ VOLUME 1 along with nearly 90 other cast, crewmembers and peers for a 3½ hour memorial DVD compilation to the late director. It was this title that prompted Bob Murawski of Grindhouse ( to contact Baronas about assisting with the new BEYOND and license some of his footage. “Mike's tribute DVD is a treasure trove of priceless interviews,” affirms Murawski. “A newly assembled compilation of Mike's interviews with eleven of Fulci's closest collaborators on THE BEYOND has truly elevated our re-release of the DVD by providing a highly emotional insight into the late, great maestro.” Baronas returns the appreciation in stating, “I was honored to once again work with Bob and Grindhouse as they are one of the few DVD outfits remaining that still care about delivering quality with quantity and truly love the films they release.”

Known for its exhaustive devotion and historical preservation of genre classics such as CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, CANNIBAL FEROX and PIECES (also released on Oct. 28 and playing theatrically this month), Grindhouse have pulled out all the stops once again for THE BEYOND (which hasn’t been available since 2004) featuring a hi-def anamorphic widescreen transfer of the uncut movie with a breathtaking Dolby Digital 5.1 sound re-mix by Academy Award nominee Paul Ottosson, plus the following supplements:

Audio commentary by stars Catriona MacColl and the late, great David Warbeck

Introduction by MacColl

On-set interview with Lucio Fulci

11 cast and crew memorial interviews

Optional Italian language soundtrack and original mono audio

Lost German pre-credit sequence in full color

Necrophagia music video by Jim VanBebber

Still and poster art gallery

Original theatrical trailers

Liner notes by legendary horror journalist Chas. Balun

For additional information:

Grindhouse Releasing
David Szulkin

Paura Productions
Mike Baronas

Chiller Theatre Expo


Billy George said...

Ive been in love with Catriona for most of my adult life. Its probably better that cant make that show- Id just make a fool out of myself.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Hey there Billy! Just don't go making any statues of her fashioned out of macaroni-though I'm sure it would look pretty cool for one with your skills.

Anonymous said...

Whoa dude...sweet! Damn I wish I could go!

Keith said...

I've had a crush on her since I can remember. That sounds awesome.

I wanted to say that I really love your blog. I've been visiting it for quite some time now. I added you to the blog links of my blog Sugar & Spice (tribute to the beautiful women of the 60's and 70's).

Steve Langton said...

Catriona has made similar appearances in the UK, but I never managed to get time off to attend. The nuch-missed David Warbeck was also a popular figure over here at film fests,etc. It would be great to see this gorgeous lady in the flesh. Hope everyone has a good time there.