Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Men For Rent-Eurocine Sex Comedy or Trash Classic??

I was really excited after viewing the recent Severin DVD of CANNIBAL TERROR to find a few others had done the same at Eurotrash Paradise. Prime junk cinema, and a perfect bit of Eurocine madness. Possibly the shoddiest "cannibal" film ever made in Europe, it has a really strange plot, stupid characters and utterly insane "cannibal" attacks. A must have. But that is on Friday.

It got me to thinking about my old site, Erotikill Cinema. It was a tribute to Eurocine and this review from 2003 was still on my back up hard drive. Truly, a unique film. What Cannibal Terror is to Cannibal Holocaust, Men For Rent is to The Mack.


Men For Rent

Hommes de Joie Pour Femmes Vicieuses / Des hommes de Joie / Men For Rent
Directed by Chantal Calvanti (Pierre Chevalier)
Starring Alix Mahieux, Daniel Darnault, Pierre Taylou, Jean Michel
Dermay, Aphonse Beni, Michel Charrel, Yul Sanders, Roger Darton,
Monica Swinn

"I've got an idea...yer gonna ball my pussy."

When a woman pushing 300 pounds says that to a man while he lies nude in bed and she is on the toilet, then it's time to hit the bricks running. But not if you are a MAN FOR RENT! This sex comedy from Eurocine regular Pierre Chevalier sets the land speed record for the most offensive ways you could possibly refer to the less than demure act of fucking, especially when you are a swinging dick…for hire!

Starting off with our main man Noodle giving his wife the what for in the tub, we see him drop her at her street corner. Off to go shopping for scented candles? NOPE, she is setting away from the family home to whore herself out for the day. Sure… he's a typical Eurocine bastard...right? WRONG. Because Noodle is a man for rent. Joined by the Black Angel (who uses spray on sweat to make the ladies heart beat faster, like the rhythmic drums that accompany his manly stick work), The Plumber (who has the charming habit of saying he is going to "beat your pussy" to turn the ladies on) and the skinny Scheherazade...who ends up on the receiving end of a big stick and is always saddled with the fattest of customers. This comedy is straight up naughty vignette
time, as various non-caring women rent our boys out for a spin or three and make them work harder than they thought they would ever have to. It ain't all fun and games when you turn your woman out… and then join her!

No simple review can really get across how bizarre and funny this all is. Classic lines splatter the English dub track, and could very well be the filthiest language ever heard in a comedy about male prostitutes. The crew must seriously have gone off the map to get this done in one day, and the word cock has to be reclaimed for the rooster it is so abused here. Laughter will ejaculate from your mouth as Men For Rent swings from near hardcore to slapstick comedy and is
something I haven't encountered previously in a Eurocine project... a straight up humor production done with all of their in house talent.

Pierre Chevalier is a real enigma at times. He seems to wallow in the sleazy elements of any project given him, over the years he did receive some whacked out tasks from the Lesoeur Clan. This little slice of ass slap(stick) goes as far as any sex comedy ever did, and probably further. For no other it out! Well made? Nah. But if you define "Funny" as watching a guy getting sodomized in a comedic fashion for a LONG time with a walking stick wielded by an
angry woman who wears a little generalissimo cap and tap dances around? Oh yeah. Can I think of a funnier film from the Eurocine factory?

"I'm sorry I can' cock is paralyzed!"

Also, you can see the Eurocine sales pitch on their site by following this link. Hilarious!!

Thanks to Valor for the cover scan!


Anonymous said...

Hello there! Man, do I need to see this! Any chance a fellow tragic Eurocine nerd could trade himself a DVD-R of this? I got a nice english dubbed copy of PIGALLE waiting for you if you haven't found it already... Cheers! /Lars

David A. Zuzelo said...

Certainly Lars, just hit my real email ( dr.orlof AT ) and we'll work it out. You are going to love it I would think!