Sunday, August 31, 2008

German Super 8mm Covers!

These are wonderfully cool Super 8 covers, many thanks to "bloodlimbo" for them. I believe you can find the Super 8 version of Anthropophagus on the old German DVD.

Torture Chamber Of Doctor Sadism


Planet Of The Vampires

I Drink Your Blood

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AndyDecker said...

Lol, I didn´t knew that Lex Barker´s and Christopher Lee´s german horror movie had so many titles. "Die Schlangengrube des Grafen Dracula" (Snake Pit of Count Dracula) and "Die Burg des Grauens: Das Todespendel" (Castle of Terror: Pendulum of Death) are the same movie.

This movie btw has to be seen to be believed. It is so laughable inept and painful to watch on all counts. Strangely you can´t even say that the screenplay isn´t without ideas (as a period piece it is quite interesting, actually) or that the actors don´t deliver (apart from the normal over-acting of the time and Barker being Barker), but as hard as it tries, it just falls apart.

Even a good dose of blood and nudity - which of course is both absent - wouldn´t have helped this pseudo-horror. Lex Barker was immensly popular in Germany at the time, and Christopher Lee surely had this tax-problem or this iron-clad contract he couldn´t escape, so for the producers this casting must have been great.

But it just came out wrong :-)