Sunday, April 20, 2008

Disjonk The Dystopian-ZORDAX II-The Metal War

I sat down with the super cool short film, ZORDAX II-THE METAL WAR last night and for 12 minutes it was pure PostNuke BlitzBliss. Though it is very short, this is a sweet tribute to the AFTER THE BOMB classics of yesteryear. While everyone rips off Mad Max, director Syl Disjonk went another way... a very different way. A most welcome way!
Describing Zordax II using existing films would be an interesting prospect. Imagine if you will, Filmirage is at the tail end of the 80s. The Post Nuke fad is blasted away by sex and sleazy Troll semi sequels. Joe D'Amato is in a bar and meets a young guy named Richard Stanley while he catches a performance from Fields Of The Nephilim.
Joltin' Joe D seizes the chance to remake ENDGAME!
Everyone loved Endgame, I know I sure did.
A stranger wanders the wasteland, he gacks some dudes, gets electro-tormented, falls prey to Zordax and his merry band of MotherGrabbers (come on you Post Nuke scientists, you know what I'm saying) and has to kick ass. It all comes to a halt and an ENDGAME is played out.
Excellent music that truly fits the subject (Chernobyl Cha-Cha hits it perfect), a nice bunch of 80's jockstrap n' hockey pad costumes and Disjonk brings a ton of style-both high and low-to the table.

I loved this, and I think many of you would as well.
Check out the website here!
ZORDAX 2-THE METAL WAR... Civilization is decimated-why not your DVD player as well??

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