Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ajita Wilson Dickin' Around in BLACK DEEP THROAT

By Dickin' I mean DICK Randall...but I bet you guessed that!
With a title like Black Deep Throat one would expect a crazed porn starring the infamous transsexual Ajita Wilson. Well, I did-and while the porn aspect is actually not at the forefront, this is WAY softer than the recently blogged on Girls In The Night Traffic, the CRAZED part is pretty spot on. Wilson plays a female reporter in what seems like producer Dick Randall's attempt to knock off the Gemser Emmanuelle films-and does a great job of it. However, Wilson's character, Claudine, has more problems and less free spirit than Emmanuelle. She starts off working on a story, but quickly finds that when she hears a certain song (luckily on a bar jukebox) that she becomes a nymphomaniac! Check out that line she hears the sailor in the captures below...yikes. Toss in the usual Emmanuelle stuff from here on. Reporter follows story through lesbian trysts and weird sex orgies...but the nymphomania angle makes it all worth following and features one of the strangest post freakout moments in a sexploitation film I've caught in a while.
And the explanation for everything? Oh man...I'll leave that to you too find out. Director Guido Zurli has fashioned one wacked out bit of Exploitation fun!
The DVD is available at Xploited Cinema and comes in a 222 hand numbered edition. PAL format and Code 2, it isn't an easy sell for many viewers, but if you like your trash a bit sleazy and strange-you'll enjoy it.
I sure did!


Anonymous said...

YAHHH I gotta see this sucker, what a ripper.

David A. Zuzelo said...

You need to pair it with the astounding EVA MAN!